New mast shipping opportunity

Need a new mast?

Sparloft in NZ have let me know that they are shipping an Etchell mast to Oz in the near future and this could provide an opportunity to save at least 50% on shipping costs if you want to have a new mast built. Let me know on 0413 870 046 if you want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Best Crew Practices

Janette Syme, sister and competitor to brother Ron Thomson on  “Kicking Bottom”, is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with, sailing and training with Arthur Crothers (probably one of the best sailors and teachers in the business). She is one of a small group of lady skippers that are making a real difference in the class. And giving the guys a run for their money.

Janette has found a very good article on Sailing World about best crew practices.

Click here to read it.   Sailing World

Victoria launches new newsletter – 'Hit the Mark'

Doug MacGregor (Crackerjack) has been promoted to the Victorian Publicity Officer position – first job get a regular newsletter going. It’s called ‘Hit the Mark’ and I’m sure you’ll agree it certainly does that well.

As irreverent as a dour Scot can be, Doug’s editorial style is already flourishing in Issue One, emailed to the great unwashed of the Victoria J24 community today. His hard hitting, ‘pull no punches’ style will engage you from the start and you will be waiting for the next one to hit. Make sure you’re not the subject of the editors pen !  Move over Mad magazine.

Here’s the first one – June 1st, Issue 1..J24_Newsletter_2010_06