The second Bob Ross article from 1982

This is the second of the two articles I found in old Australian Sailing magazines written by Bob Ross. This one from April 82.

“In winning the J24 worlds, Mark Bethwaite and his Soling crew Ian MacDiarmid and Glen Read brought a fresh approach to tuning and equipment detailing that cut across much of the […]

J24 Singapore at Worlds

Dear Friends,

I thought it would be nice to share the experience I had recently…..

Our team has just come back from Malmo Sweden after participating in the J24 World Championships. The J24 class is the world’s largest keel-boat sailing class and each boat has a crew of five people. On our […]

Hugo’s 2010 Worlds Report

Hugo is back and talking about the Worlds – very interesting! And there is stuff I know he can’t put in here that he has told me. No doubt more will come out as the crews come back. Read Hugo’s very informative report on the 2010 Worlds in Sweden. Click here to read and keep […]

Come and try a J24

Want to find out what you are missing out on?

Interested in sailing on a J24?

If you are in Adelaide the SA Association & the Port Adelaide Sailing Club fleet invite you to come & try a J24!

This is the world’s funniest Worlds Report

We haven’t had much from anyone actually, but Kirby, our very own treasurer has been touring in Europe and cruised by the worlds – here’s what she told me, you’ll laugh your socks off – Click here for the Worlds Report