J24 Supporter, Rob Mundle’s latest book is not to be missed

There’s a lot more to Captain Bligh than the Bounty, mutiny and convicts . . .

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V-berths and vermiculite

This article was originally written and published in the International J/24 Magazine in 2003. During the writing of that article an option occurred to me that I included in the article as an option. Since then, it has become clear to me that the option is really the best way to do […]

Legends Regatta Photos

The Legends Regatta was born out of an idea from Peter Stevens early last year and it was decided to run it in NSW due to the larger amount of boats and Legends residing there and last weekend saw the culmination of a massive amount of work to make this event happen.


New J24 Division in Balmain Regatta

Balmain Regatta – New J24 Division

The historic Balmain Regatta is again fast approaching, and take place on Sunday 31 October 2010.

This year they are planning to run a number of One Design Classes as part of the Regatta including the J24’s for the first time as a separate Division with their […]

NSW State Championships 2010 & Legends Regatta

Saturday was a great day on the water for Day 1 of the NSW State Championship 2010 – a fleet of 27, with 5 boats from VIC and 2 from SA, a variable day with some rain – a generally light day from 3 – 12 knots – 4 races in testing conditions.

Day 2 […]