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Latest news and racing dates for NSW – J24 NSW News May 2011

Hit the Mark – May 2011

Victorian Newsletter Editor Doug MacGregor Hits the Mark again with some hard hitting questions on the future of J racing in Victoria in this scintillating edition of ‘Hit the Mark’ – Victoria’s own answer to the Government’s carbon tax. In this edition his editorials are joined by searching articles from Hugo Ottaway, G. Maps, […]

Keel Bolt Maintenance Bulletin

Check your keel bolts

Peter Stevens is our National Measurer and our representative on the ITC (International Technical Committee), this is a maintenance bulletin from him for us all to take careful note of.

There aren’t many maintenance areas that are more important, or more often overlooked than keel bolts. This is true for […]

2012 Australian Championship – Adelaide

J24’s clash at the 2011 Sandringham Yacht Club Centenary Regatta.

J24s Dressed for the Centenary Regatta

Past champions clashed for the honours to be named the J24 Sandringham Yacht Club Centenary Regatta winner. Adam Evans who has represented Australia in the 2005 International Cadet and 2009 J24 World Championships, won the title after battling against the 2010 J24 World Championship representatives Hugo Ottaway and […]