J24 Divisions in 2 great Regattas on Sydney Harbour!

J24 Divisions in 2 great Regattas on Sydney Harbour!

Getting  J24 divisions together is never easy and we have two great events coming up for you to enter and be part of the fun on Sydney Harbour.  We constantly hear you want more one desigh racing…so here goes…..

Sydney Harbour Regatta 10 & 11 March

We encourage all boat owners in Sydney to enter the Sydney Harbour Regatta on 10 & 11 March – we currently have a small J24 Division and would love to make this a worthwhile event.


RPEYC Classic Regatta 25 March & 1 April

Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club are hosting a Classic Regatta over two Sundays – with a special division for J24’s. Enter!!  This will be a great event and skippers will be receiving more details individually soon!!  One design racing, great prizes on offer – and a function on Sunday 25th March after racing at the Edwards for J24 sailors – we need your support to make this happen!!

Classic Regatta NOR

Contact Paula on 0404 39176 for more information.

2012 Nationals Clothing

2012 Nationals Regatta Clothing

This year the Regatta clothing options are a long sleeve unisex polo, a shortsleeve mens and a short sleeve ladies polo.

To assist with ordering from the supplier, these tops will be available only by prior online ordering.



New Inventory Form now online

We now have a new style Excel spreadsheet you can use to work out and print out your Required and Optional Inventory form.

Note that you must carry a filled out copy of this form or the original hand filled version on your boat whilst racing.

This form is good as it automatically calculates your weights for you, then you can simply print it out.

To find the form go to About J24 in the drop down menu above and select “Measurement & Equipment Inventory Certificates”

Meaning of life thought for the day

For many years the world’s greatest have pondered the meaning of life, scientists, religious leaders, poets laureate, historians, politicians and sports people have all thought deeply to come up with the answer – 42

Recently a group of some of the worlds best brains have come up with the reason this ’42’ thing hasn’t worked across the board for all people in all situations and can’t be the complete answer. They have realised that the number is actually the wrong way round.

The real answer is    ’24’    and you all know what that means when you put a J in front of it.

Stuart Jardine Visits

Stuart Jardine

Victoria was graced by the opportunity to meet Stuart Jardine and his wife Mary Ann who made the time to catch up with our National measurer Pete Stevens, Victorian measurer Mark Haughton, Assistant measurer Doug McGregor and several members of the J24 fleet at Sandringham.

Stuart is based in the U.K. and is a member of the International J 24 technical committee along with Pete Stevens. His experiences in Europe, as well and the America’s over the past 30 years has given him a wealth of knowledge regarding the boats and he spoke of his vision regarding future and the where the class is going in the next 10 years and beyond. During his brief meeting, he was able to instruct our new measurers in the latest methods of measuring a J.

Stuart, was impressed by the national data base which has been correlated by the states and processed by Pete Stevens. With changes in the boats and new technology the class will be able to keep abreast of the best ways to make our measurement process fair and quick.

A strong measurement process is one of the fundamental stones that make the J24 Class such a great boat to race.

It’s not easy being a measurer, as I know having been involved at the highest level since 1988 and we should support the system that maintains our status as a prestige Class. To win a J24 National Title is one of the highest achievements in sailing, both here and abroad.

Lets help in maintaining our investment and encourage and support our measurers who currently are working towards a updated list of measured boats.

Yours, Hugo. N. Ottaway, past Victorian measurer.

Simon’s Note:   Stuart was doing the Geelong Regatta prior to taking a holiday in New Zealand where Mary Ann has family. Happily, Pete Stevens organised him to stay with us and he told us many stories of his time in J24’s, he is truely an amazing man. He also informed us that he is apparently the oldest man to sail a foiling moth achieved when he was 78 years old !

For more information on Stuart, see this article on the international site  http://www.j24class.org/uncategorized/international-j24-class-honors-stuart-jardine/