J24 Coaching at SYC

As part of a coaching weekend just before the Vic States, Michah Shuwalow, from the SYC boating academy ran a session with the J fleet.

As well as taking photos, Michah provided a GoPro camera that was attached to three different boats over the mornings races. It was fascinating to see the differences in the […]

Help with Stubborn Screws

Screw Steps

Jiving for the first time

Andy and crew get Jive the Sidetracked youth boat ready for racing

Story by Andy Hunting

Our first state championships; first day together; or second day on the water – call it what you want – certainly made for a trying weekend for the newly developing team on Jive (Sidetracked). The team undoubtedly began […]

NSW get one back!

Pacemaker powers to windward on Sunday

Story by Dave Suda

The Australian J24 fleet is returning to its glory days and enthusiastic owners and crews are reaping the benefits, as I reflect on another excellent regatta.

The MONJON Victorian Championship went along without a hitch last weekend, largely due to the huge amount of […]

From The Back of the Room, It Looks A Bit Like This…

Doug gets out of shape

Monjon (Australia) 2012 J24 Victorian Championships – Story by Doug MacGregor

Day one, race one; the wind vanished faster than a Scotsman’s wallet. Four boats not only didn’t finish, they didn’t even get to see the finishing line as it was lifted and moved…with the flag for this […]

Chris Furey writes and has the most amazing sequence of pics

Brendan spins out

Story by Chris Furey

I know that J24s are often maligned as old fashioned boats these days but they still provide tight tactical racing in good sized fleets and at an affordable entry level. I sailed my first J24 back in the late 70s and was the original Victorian dealer for […]

2012 Monjon Victorian J24 States

The States were a huge success and we have stories from various authors and pics taken by Chris Furey.

The following articles are penned by different competitors in the States and provide an interesting insight from different perspectives on the regatta. Read and enjoy

We have to thank our old J24 mate Chris Furey for […]

From 5 to 30

Hugo drives Bruschetta VI downwind

Story by Hugo Ottaway This year the 2012 Monjon J24 Victorian Championship attracted 3 National champions, 4 New South Wales , 2 South Australian and 1 youth competitor along with the majority of the Victorian fleet to make the most competitive regatta in years.All praise to the committee who […]

Benny and the Jets

Ben Lamb blitzing upwind to the title

Story by Simon Grain

Jetwash was the blast that our own Dave Suda felt at the end of the 2012 Monjon Victorian State Champs on the weekend. After taking out the Nationals in Adelaide by narrowly beating Ben Lamb from NSW, Dave had to take a back […]

Hyperactive Win SYC J24 Summer Series 2011-2012

The Hyperactive crew at work

Author: Doug MacGregor

Owners of Hyperactive, Sarah Thompson and Robyn Coombs, with their crew of Kirsty Harris, who is on the helm, Rob Richardson and Joelle Roderick took out the J24 Summer Sprint Series at Sandringham YC on Sunday 16th April. And…they’d a quiet celebratory drink on the […]