A weekend full of surprises!

Gatsby – owned by JN and generously leant to Janette

I had made up my mind to sit out the Vic championships this year for one and a thousand reasons, but the Monday before the championship weekend brother Ron rings me out of the blue to say there was a boat […]

Club Pro squeaks home in Vic States

The best sight at Sandy – All 19 boats in the water

Two days of hard competitive racing saw Dave Suda sailing ‘Pacemaker’ regain the Vic States crown – just.

Not his closest winning margin (that goes to a previous tussle with yours truly, winning on a countback in the last race), […]

MRX Regatta in Auckland

A Touch of Gloss as enjoyed by the JET crew.

The MRX is a Farr 1020 with a small steroid pack stuck up it’s transom, a better rig, a racing deck with a bigger cockpit, a better keel and about 1200kg lighter.

In Auckland they have 10 of them – all identical and just […]

Hit The Mark, a new edition from our favourite writer and editor

Ed is Back and ain’t we glad. He’s brought his writing friends Helen Back, Chick N. Curry and Hugh Jarse back into the editorial fold as well

I think we all know the style of the worlds best J writer and editor. Well done Doug, another huge and awesome effort !

So get into this […]

Tasmanian Championship won again by Greg Rowlings

Greg Rowlings has completed a hat-trick of Tasmanian championship wins in the International J24 keelboat class, taking out a hard-fought series on the River Derwent.

Read all about it in this link to the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania Click here