Azimuth Sailcomp Digital Compass for Sale

The world’s most popular tactical racing compass

Azimuth Sailcomp Digital Compass PC103

second hand – good condition

$250 ONO + postage

PH: MARC   +61 (0) 416 222 031

PH: OLOFF  +61 (0) 408 406 698

owner moved to GPS system

for sale

Manufacturer : KVH INDUSTRIES, RI

Manufacturer Part No PC : 103 – 909048

Gosford Classic Regatta- 5 & 6 October

Remember its less that 2 weeks to the annual J24 Gosford Classic Regatta on the long weekend in October .

Please get your entries in soon and we also welcome early membership renewals to avoid queues at Gosford.

If anyone is short of crew, please let us know and we will see what we can do to help you.  Please call Paula on 0404 539176 if you have any questions

Race Entry Gosford 2013


NOR Gosford_2013



The 2013 AGM for the NSW J24 Association will be held on Friday 22 November 2013 at 5.30pm at Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club in Point Piper.

Awesome pic of secret J foiler !

We are on the trail of something big at Sandy. With the approaching summer season rapidly coming at us here in Melbourne, we believe testing with the new J24 foiler has been going on over the winter. The skipper is reported as saying that they have been able to get the boat foiling once they get surfing on a wave and can sometimes keep it on the foils long enough to get onto the next wave and doing that they have been able to actually skip forward overtaking the wave crests. ‘The AC is safe for the moment’ is the joke going about down on the hardstand but there are some very serious faces around this project where the foils remain covered away in a padlocked cover to keep prying eyes out (shades of Ben Lexcen). The skipper went on to say that “where we have made real gains though, is reaching, traditionally the J has been a very poor reaching boat due to it’s short waterline length, now we are blasting along like a skiff”. Apparently the lead in the keel keeps the boat much steadier than a foiling moth or Laser when it is up on the foils. The normal righting moment of the lead keel would tend to confirm this. Tests continue on foiling upwind which although reported has not been verified by anyone reliable yet. The only picture released so far is a rather poor quality shot showing the boat up on its foils whilst surfing a wave off Sandringham YC. We note that the name has been airbrushed off the hull to mask that actual test boat and the sail number has been blocked out. More when we can break through the sercurity surrounding this amazing breakthrough.

Amazing foiling J
Amazing foiling J