SA State Titles

Last years SA States was a light wind glamour
Last years SA States was a light wind glamour

The 2014 South Australian States are going to be held at the CYCSA, 29 & 30 March 2014.  There will be five races over the two days.  Skippers and crews will enjoy a special Saturday evening gourmet barbecue accompanied by an extra-special selection of SA wines.  Excellent facilities, great SA Title Tee shirt and a great time etc etc.  Of course there is also the great sailing the waters off Adelaide give at this time of the year.

Jim Townsend is the new SA President and he is determined to bring the SA fleet back into National contention so this regatta is a bit of a dry run for next years nationals. Jim is determined to make some big changes including bringing the fleet back together and get all those boats sitting on the hard stand out on the water. Can’t tell you all the behind the scenes ‘goings on’ but there will be charter boats available for the States, so if you can’t trail there get a plane and sail one of the SA boats, Jims intention is that you will have the best time on and off the water. It’s close to the Vic States time wise so if you are doing the trip from NSW then why not make it a round trip doing the two regattas for a bit of extra training. There’s no limit on how much SA wine you can bring into Vic !

Let’s go and support the SA fleet and have a great time !

Convicts Revenge on winning the Nationals

Top mark

Steve won the start, won the race and won the regatta, our new National Champion talks a little about the regatta – wise words indeed ! (Ed)

“All agreed the 2014 J24 Nationals was well run by the very quaint and accommodating Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club . There was much attention to detail and plenty of volunteers and staff to ensure the sailors felt welcome and enjoyed themselves. There was the friendly tender service servicing all the moored Js and the catering staff doling out bacon and egg rolls and cappuccinos for competitors to enjoy while sitting on the grass overlooking one of Sydney Harbour’s most pristine beaches. The presentation dinner was wonderful on the enclosed verandah.

This was some consolation to the Melbourne folk who observed that for most of the regatta it was sunnier and warmer in Melbourne, to which of course the locals responded with the local standard “its not normally like this, you should have been here last week“. In other onshore developments an undeserved twist of fate found the RPEYC Commodore’s (Sean Kirkjan) J24 beached in front of the club one morning mid regatta under mysterious circumstances, suffering considerable keel damage.

After being blown ashore at night, Sean's keel was slightly modified. He still won a race with it like this though !
After being blown ashore at night, Sean’s keel was slightly modified. He still won a race with it like this though !

It was great having competitors from Singapore, South Australia and Victoria as well as locals.

It certainly was not “the brochure” of steady Sydney summer nor’easters, in fact we only had nor’easters for the invitation race and final day.

Most of the racing happened in fairly shifty and mentally challenging south and south east winds. The upside from this was that there was a lot of “snakes and ladders” on the course, with leaders never being able to relax and those deep able to carry on in hope.

Racing was close, positions changed regularly throughout the whole the fleet, and big winning margins were rare.

The results sheet over 10 races bears this out and shows the variety in heat winners and place getters which made it fun and kept it interesting.

All the competitors would have their own perspective of how it went, but from on board Convicts Revenge this is how it happened …..

From a technical sailing perspective this regatta seemed very much about throwing away the compass and fine tuning guide and just sailing free and fast to the next bit of pressure.

The racing culminated in a friendly “showdown” of sorts for the last 2 races on the final day, where 1 point only separated Pacemaker from Kaotic and Convicts Revenge between 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Some tough decisions to be made because the bible to Sydney Harbour sailing says “thou shall starboard tack from start, hit Bradley’s head, tack on to port and thou shall to the lay”. However the bible also says “the incoming tides around the celebration of Xmas can be strong so go right on port”.

This theology on top of which boat to cover ! ?

In the first beat of the first race, the 3 boats went, right covering each other, to be collectively somewhat hammered by those who stuck with tradition and hit Bradleys in the left.

In the last race there was (predictably)some match racing action at the start between Convicts and Pacemaker which resulted in Pacemaker doing penalty turns. Convicts came out better on the first beat, in the lead ,working the left with Kaotic going right. Up the last beat Kaotic worked the middle well and caught right up and then it was a tacking dual . .  They split, Convicts picking up a pressure advantage in the right which delivered the winning margin…. of one point.”

'Goings On' in Sleepy Hollow

Somewhere south of Sydney, in a Peter Jackson style plot with ‘goings on down there’, there is a place called ‘The Shire’ – they even made a TV series about it.

A quiet little place of incredible beauty, classically laid out with a long inlet full of boats, a small but friendly club right on the water and ‘tie up space fer yer boat’. It’s protected by a large sand bar but with access to the open ocean. Known more for its Etchells fleet and regattas and larger yachts, there are ……….. ‘Goings On’

It seems there is a growing revolution with an increase in the number of J24s there, apparently the number is now 13 (NSW’s largest J fleet), with 3 new boats in the last month. Now it seems that it is more ‘club members sailing Js rather than Js sailing at the club’, as they keep to themselves alot but maybe that’s because they have a secret they want to keep hidden.

Cronulla is a great place to sail, semi sheltered from raging Southerlies, it enjoys warm weather, good winds, great beaches and plenty of cold club beer and it offers ocean sailing that most of us never get. There’s talk afoot of a Bi Annual winter regatta on Queens Birthday weekend, in fact there has already been one (T’was a little windy)

Hey Australia, J24s are being found and sailed, its a great little boat that is youth and female friendly (current Cronulla J champions are ‘the Girls” sailing Cooee II, although that could change this year) and they are being sailed in some fantastic places in Australia. Cronulla is just one of those places. Check it out next time you are in Sydney, or check out a mid winter regatta ………. sounds like a great idea !

2014 Victorian State Titles

Sandy fleet racing in a typical soft late summer day
Sandy fleet racing in a typical soft late summer day

After a hard fought Nationals in Sydney, interest is already growing for the Victorian State Titles this year with enquiries from across the country for boats, dates and details.

The dates are 12 – 13 April, traditionally a balmy weather regatta, it is known for its hot competition on the water and it’s great social gathering on the Saturday evening. Over the years the Vic States have attracted many interstate visitors and already it is clear this year will be no different, with enquiries from Qld, NSW and SA.

So if you are a local owner looking for local or interstate crew, looking to charter your boat out, an interstate skiper or crew looking for a boat or a crew slot then now is the time to start organising yourself as the opportunities will soon close up.

With 19 boats at Sandy and the interest already shown it is quite possible we will have a 25+ boat fleet. Vic President Doug MacGregor will have his team all over this regatta so if you have any queries make contact sooner rather than later.

Call Doug on 0400 584 067, email him on  you can also call Simon on 0413 870 046 if you can’t catch Doug

NOR is being prepared currently and will be available on the SYC and J site asap.

J24 National Championships 2014

NSW Nationals 2013 poster

J24 Nationals Championships 2014 Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions National Championships 2014, J24

2014 National Championships Entry form

Download a copy of the poster. NSW Nationals 2013 poster

Current results (when Simon can get them – thanks to Dave Suda)

These results are now current to Wednesday 8 Jan – one more day to go and it is CLOSE !

Ben Lamb, Dave Suda and Steve Girdis can all win this regatta now. Brendan Lee has sailed well but is almost certainly out the top three. Where the big changes could happen tomorrow is in the middle of the pack where incredibly 6pts separate 6 places and these places could change dramtically on the last day tomorrow.

Sean Kirkjian, Vlad (Singapore), Doug Watson, J Spot, Ron Thompson, Dave West, are all great skippers and could easily move around in these places. This is a small fleet but the depth of talent is huge and great skippers are back in the pack this year.

P.S. Congrats to Sean on winning this summer’s Sydney Hobart on Victoire.

Steve Girdis sailing Convicts Revenge wins the 2014 Nationals in an ultra tight battle in the last two races. More details as they get sent to me !

Race No Sail # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total with drop Place
Convicts Revenge 4771 3 3 3 6 2 3 1 2 4 1 23 1
Kaotic 4770 2 1 1 1 5 1 6 5 10 2 24 2
Pacemaker 5333 1 4 2 4 4 2 3 1 5 7 26 3
By the Lee 4795 5 9 6 5 3 4 5 10 2 6 44 4
Sail Pac 5085 9 7 4 8 1 14 4 13 1 4 51 5
El Fidelo 4859 7 2 5 9 9 10 8 8 3 5 56 6
5 to 6 SIN10 6 6 9 3 7 7 7 11 8 3 56 7
Ace 4801 8 5 8 7 8 11 9 6 6 8 65 8
Kicking Bottom 1324 12 8 14 2 11 6 2 9 7 9 66 9
J Spot 4786 4 13 7 10 10 5 10 3 12 10 71 10
Innaminka 4793 11 12 12 11 6 12 11 4 13 11 90 11
Wildfire 5058 13 10 10 12 13 8 12 7 9 12 93 12
Good Company 2663 10 11 11 13 12 9 13 12 11 13 102 13