Cronulla Sailing Club Short Course Regatta – Queens Birthday Weekend

Mick Reynolds from Slippery Fish has been doing a great job driving the organisation for a unique Queens Birthday Weekend Regatta at Cronulla. Designed to be a short course regatta, it will feature up to 8 races over the long weekend, in either the wide blue ocean in Bate Bay, or perhaps in more […]

Monjon J24 Victorian Championships 2014

By Doug MacGregor, President J24 Association Victoria

Doug MacGregor, our hard working Pres

The title of this could be “Crackerjack for Sale”. It’s not. And, she’s not. In this report I am going to be a bit self indulgent but more of that later. We really couldn’t have a had a better regatta. First […]

2014 Vic States Pictures

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Blue Kite Day

Lead by Dave’s blue kite, the fleet sails downwind on a stunning blue Port Philip

And the winner is Dave Suda, Pacemaker, driver of the blue Kite

After a close and hard fought series of 8 races on Port Phillip, the MONJON 2014 Victorian State titles was won by the consistent sailing of the […]