8 BELLS – Ian Torode

Ian in a spot of rather exciting bother at the Sydney Worlds

It is with great sadness that we report on the passing of legendary J 24 sailor Ian Philip Torode. Ian owned three J’s “Paddy Wagon, Cookie Monster and Duesburys”, competing in the 1986 Newport Rhode Island and 1988 Sydney World Championships. His […]

Move it or lose it as NSW cracks down on street parkers

Beware J24 owners parking their boats on Sydney streets

NEW regulations come into force in NSW allowing councils to impound boats left on the street but the BIA says boat owners being unfairly targeted.

Announcing the new measures designed to crack down on boat trailers parked on suburban streets, Minister for Local […]

Looking for a J24 ?

DeathStar and Kaizen 2 in Cairns

Recently I visited Cairns and caught up with the J guys up there. Enjoyed a sail on the river and did a bit of sight seeing. I also had a good look at Kaizen 2 and Deathstar, two good Bashos currently for sale there. They both represent excellent […]

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