Quantum Sails for J24s

Dave Eickmeyer at Quantum in Melbourne has put together great deals for J24 sails.

This includes a discount of 15% (capped) for every 10 units of any one sail shape
See more details and pricing on the Quantum page here.
Please phone Dave on 03 5975 1119 to talk to him in detail about your needs and budget.
Alt_Quantum Sail Design Group1

North Sails Update information

North bannerNorth Sails has changed its outlook on J24 sailing in Australia.

Sam Haines, previously with UK and most recently his own loft as AUS Sailmakers has joined North Sails as their One Design Guru and J24 sails/sales rep.

North are offering a discount…4% off 4 sails…6% off 6 sails, 10% (capped) off 10 sails…of any one sail shape.

Give Sam a call if you want to talk to North about your sails. More info on the North Page here

Or call Sam on 03 9584 9844

M 0403 294 228

Great New J24 Australia Video

The National Committee has released a great new J24 Australia video live on YouTube. The video features the Melbourne fleet at Sandringham Yacht Club. Ben Hartnett of Sailing Shack Racing was commissioned to make the video , he has had great success in making sailing videos and this is another great example of his work.

Go here to see the video.

Are you thinking of coming to Melbourne for the 2016 Nationals but haven’t sailed at Sandy before, maybe you are used to high traffic areas, confined waters with wind altering headlands or tidal variations that make light days difficult. Sandringham has clear water, virtually no traffic, and very little tide, great sea breezes in summer and racing right off the front of the yacht club, this new video will give you some idea of the facilities and the sailing at Sandy Yacht Club. Check out the video and plan to come to the 2016 Nationals at Sandy – looks like it could be our first 30 boat regatta for decades. Stay tuned about the Nationals – more surprises to come !