Finishing the year with posters – NN/L 8

The Nationals are upon us and the activity in the boat park is ramping up, boat polish and winch grease, rigs down, rigs up. The battle draws near.

But …………. there are the fun parts to the carnival – parties and their posters. Click on the posters for all the details !

Tuesday night at the club in the members bar is the ‘J’ themed party, including a DJ

J Party Poster

Friday night is the big one – the presentation night, where the Black Prince is crowned again  …..
or  …  toppled  !!!

Complimentary drinks on arrival, plus a live band – ‘The Crawdaddys’ – (Great band it seems, “Now firmly rooted in the Melbourne music scene, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Healey and The Crawdaddys has been entertaining audiences all over Australia for over 15 years. As a solo artist, his stage-perfected blend of groove-based guitar, soulful vocals and eclectic songwriting delivers a carefully-woven sound that is equally suited to a chilled Sunday afternoon or a rocking Friday night.)

That’s us … with the band rocking the Friday night party

Anyway here is the Presentation Poster

2016_Presentation Poster

2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 7

Kirby has been tasting the pastries and thumbing the keyboard again – smile on her face as she is in paaaarty mood – read on for your calendar of regatta fun.

If you’re tired of popping into the little local Brighton organic cafe to pick up your free-trade chai latte, double shot, extra hot and constantly overhearing the same conversation, “so many Christmas paaaahties daaaaahling – my head might just explode!” – well now you can fire back with, “Oh I knooooooow!

And 2016 – it just doesn’t stop! Paaaahtay, paaaahtay, paaaahtay!!!”

So people, please bring along those overloaded and precious diaries to the registration before the regatta, because we need to know numbers for those fabulous paaahtays please.

Expect to be RSVP’ing for:

– Sunday BBQ – too late, you’ll be there and after the three day fast you went on to make the 400kgs, tipping you won’t need a second invitation to dig in

– Tuesday ‘J’ party (see newsletter 5 for the theme explanation) – actually, again, no RSVP needed. We know you’ll be there – who in their right minds would miss the chance to see Pope Francis (he’s a Jesuit, before all the nit pickers complain about the lack of J…) getting jiggy with J Lo on the dance floor??! And it’s the first of only two regatta nights that are followed by a morning where you can legally tell your skipper to nick off, that you’re hung over and he/she can jolly well go and do whatever pointless task it is themselves!

– Lay Day – we will be asking for ‘an expression of interest’ for this one, coz Huey gets last say on pressing the go button and it will be a DIY ferry-booking to join us for an awesome lunch, so it’s pretty flex. I’ll send around the link to the ferry soon…..

– Presentation Night! Diaries out, pencils away, this one needs ink! We need to let SYC know numbers pretty early for this so that we’re not all fighting over just the one plate of saveloys and party pies. It’s $75 a head and we will be asking for you to put your money down by Monday 4th please, but it will be the most fabulous of the paaaahtays so don’t miss out – it’s also the second night before the morning after where you can tell your skipper to go away and come back when your brain has managed to fit back inside your skull, so it should be a doozie!!

So enjoy all your Christmas and New Year paaaahtays people, consider them practice for the real ones that we’ll be having next year!

2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 6

Hi Guys and Girls, more news from Kirby

It’s that time of the year again…well actually it’s normally around October, but with the National Titles coming up, nagging season is upon us again. Everyone sailing in the regatta needs to be a paid up J24 member of their state association and the earlier the better really, so that you can stop being pestered and I can stop my stalking campaign.

Let’s not have Christmas dinner interrupted with the debt collectors calling to chase $50 (and no matter how boring you might reckon your in-laws are, no … a conversation with a debt collector is not going to be more fun). And NYE, you just want to be counting down from 10 seconds to midnight, not counting off your bank account details to an automated voice on telephone banking. So what better time than now could there be to get this chore over and done with??!!

To join the VICTORIAN ASSOCIATION ONLY, use the easy online credit card option (goes through PayPal, but you don’t need an account – just your card details) is here:

Or, if you prefer, the banking details for sending an EFT are here:
You can also do a direct debit to the association’s account. Please add your name in the reference description if you use this method.
The details for the bank are BSB: 083-231    Acct No: 01-897-1390,    J24 Association of Victoria.
Thanks in advance everyone for making this as short a nagging season as possible!

Of course if you need to join your own state association before you arrive in Melbourne, then now is probably a good time to call your state secretary – find their contact details on your respective state page from the links above.


Ruling regarding Jarkan boats by the National J24 Association

The aim of this ruling is to encourage owners of older Jarkan boats to bring their boats back to a more competitive life, back onto the water and racing.

We have in the past made various considerations and variations on what can be done to lighten some of our older J24s to make them more competitive and attractive to sail.

These decisions have been many and have mostly become confused in the mists of time and changes of boats and official personnel.


It has been decided by the National Committee to formalise the opportunity to allow owners to improve and lighten their J24s under certain conditions. To be effective as of 18/12/15.

What boats this applies to:

Australian Jarkan built J24s that have not been re-decked

What conditions apply:

Boats must weigh in at or over the dry weight limit of 1270kg

Boats must not have any lead correctors installed

Boats so altered will not be allowed to compete in overseas regattas

What is allowed to be removed:

Forward V-berth, cupboard doors, water tank, vermiculite, shelves, metal sink, water pumps, rear deck hatches (provided the deck is permanently and securely sealed and is seaworthy), middle rails of pulpit and pushpit provided structural and safety integrity is not compromised, middle lifelines, deck mounted halyard winches and associated cleats and fittings.

What is NOT allowed to be removed:

Side berth cover boards, fixed interior furniture other than specified as allowed above, any part of any bulkhead, flooring in the main cabin, any part of the external or internal hull, required safety gear.

What is NOT allowed to be altered:

Anything which in any way compromises the safety of the yacht structurally, fixed interior furniture other than specified as allowed above, any part of the hull internally and externally.

This ruling is to be read in conjunction with and in addition to the existing J24 rules. This ruling modifies only those items specified above and does not change the requirements set down regarding fairing, coring and correct placement of lead in the hull and keel stub.

All changes are to be conducted within the ‘spirit’ of the class rules to enable these boats to become more competitive, changes not listed as permitted here and considered to be outside the ‘spirit’ of the class will not be allowed and will be required to be rectified. Remember that it is your responsibiltiy to advise your State Measurer of any of these changes you may make to your boat and your changes will need to be ok’d and recorded prior to any State level or above regatta.

Enquires regarding these allowed changes should be directed to your state measurer of the National Measurer Peter Stevens.

2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 5


Yes of course you can do a late entry but it costs you more and makes it harder for the organisers to cater correctly

Kirby, our Vegas Treasurer, who writes way better than I do, has hit the keys and come up with some hot new info – well we said there would be more, so keep coming back for updates. Read on avid readers !

Just a few bits of extra info for the upcoming Monjon National Championships to keep everyone in the loop as we get ever closer to race day! There’s lots going on, we’ll have battle flags up and flying which will very definitely put our stamp on the marina, there’ll be tracking on board all boats with some swanky new live tracking (thanks to John Neville’s company Data Agility, now people on shore can watch the race live online) and the end of each day’s sailing will be celebrated (our mourned…) with a beer courtesy of the association. There are BBQ’s, parties and even an exciting AGM will all be put on for your enjoyment, so this regatta will be one that you don’t want to miss!! If you are sitting on the fence on whether or not to make a tilt at taking home one of this year’s trophies or medals, then now is the time to take the plunge. There are quality boats and quality local crew still on offer for those wanting to join in, so don’t let the lack of a boat or people to crew it slow you down.

A few things in more detail:

Theme Night:

The theme night for this year is “J”, and with a bit of thought, I think you’ll agree that this is a ripper of a theme (thanks Joelle for your inspiration here!) It works for everyone, including:

– The lazies amongst us. Throw on some black jeans and white trainers and hello Jerry Seinfeld, what could be easier?

– The more ambitious folk. Go for the full Donald Trump ensemble and tell everyone you’re a jerk.

– People in bad moods. If you don’t think you’ll be able to keep it together for the evening without totally losing your s**t, then pop on a pair of white shorts and voila – John McEnroe and any profanity or tantrums on the night can be chalked up to being ‘in character’ – perfect!

This party takes place on the Tuesday night before the lay day, so I think a very big night is in order, and then you’re guaranteed to wake up happy that we have that contentious day off!

The Lay Day:

Weather permitting, we will be heading off from St Kilda by ferry to Williamstown for lunch, so that J folk from near and far see a side of the bay that they less commonly visit. More on this as we get closer to the day and find out if Huey has co-operated with us enough to keep the lay day, or if we spend the Wednesday on the water.

Presentation Night:

With the fabulous MC’ing skills of one Doug McGregor, don’t miss this chance to congratulate the star performers of the regatta, on and off the water. Surely a Victorian boat will take out the title, and you’ll want to be there to congratulate them on the night! And don’t be the one who has to wait until the next day to see who takes out the inaugural J24 Clown Shoe Award, for the person who has succeeded in stepping on the most toes.  😉  For a mere $75, dinner will be in the Port Phillip room at the club and promises to be a great night.

More information to come, watch this space! … Kirby.

2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 4

Battle flags are ready to decorate
Battle flags are ready to decorate

Nationals Banner

The 2016 Monjon Security Nationals at Sandringham are almost upon us. Infact the entries close this coming Friday (assuming you don’t want to waste any more money on a late fee) so now is the time to get your entry in – there is no prize for being the last to enter.

Of course the long term forecast is for magic sailing conditions for the week. And it will be party time ashore with the team of Carnival Doug and Partygirl Robyn (assuming she gets back from Thailand or wherever the latest party is being held) letting loose on the trail.

Can you beat The BlackPrince of Sandringham? His crown has slipped a little lately as the ‘Pace’ has gone off the boil. Now’s the time to front with your entry.

Can’t get our boat down here, no problem we have at least two boats looking for skippers and crews and we have some crew looking for spots on boats, so why not put your team together and use one of ours.

Hugo’s great ‘Battle Flag Competition’ is alive with colour with 3 flags already printed up and waiting to go aloft. Now is the time to get your flag design worked out and when you enter your flag will be sent to you so you can paint or print your flag before you come. Flags at the ready …. !

See the pic for the proportions (4m x 1m – less the logo at the top). Those not wishing to demonstrate their creative juices will be given a sponsors flag … you’d rather have your own, wouldn’t you !

Simon’s now world famous ‘Sailor Sunscreen’ – samples given away in the last State Titles, is now on the market and will be available at the regatta too – for those already asking.

2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 3

Nationals Banner

Preparations for the 2016 Nationals in Melbourne are proceeding well and there is a feeling from talking to people around the country that we may get a record number of entries. There are still a couple of hulls for charter in Melbourne if you can’t get your own boat here.

Of course the long term weather forecast is for great weather !

The committee has taken up the suggestion from Hugo Ottaway that we have a battle flag competion as mentioned in the last newsletter. We know that not all crews will want to make their own flag and with that in mind we are having flags made up that have a blank area where you can paint / print in your own identity. For those who don’t wish to design your own, you will be given a sponsors flag to fly when you are in the marina (see NOR 3.1) weather permitting.

The idea is to introduce a great deal of colour into the marina area during the regatta and when we are not racing. The flags are being made currently and should be ready in the next 10 days. I suggest you plan your artwork now so you have time to customise your flag when you recieve it on entry. There are 15 customiseable flags so be one of the first to enter to get one and give yourself time to decorate it.