Finishing the year with posters – NN/L 8

The Nationals are upon us and the activity in the boat park is ramping up, boat polish and winch grease, rigs down, rigs up. The battle draws near.

But …………. there are the fun parts to the carnival – parties and their posters. Click on the posters for all the details !

Tuesday night at […]

2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 7

Kirby has been tasting the pastries and thumbing the keyboard again – smile on her face as she is in paaaarty mood – read on for your calendar of regatta fun.

If you’re tired of popping into the little local Brighton organic cafe to pick up your free-trade chai latte, double shot, extra hot and […]

2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 6

Hi Guys and Girls, more news from Kirby

It’s that time of the year again…well actually it’s normally around October, but with the National Titles coming up, nagging season is upon us again. Everyone sailing in the regatta needs to be a paid up J24 member of their state association and the earlier the better […]

Ruling regarding Jarkan boats by the National J24 Association

The aim of this ruling is to encourage owners of older Jarkan boats to bring their boats back to a more competitive life, back onto the water and racing.

We have in the past made various considerations and variations on what can be done to lighten some of our older J24s to make them more […]

2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 5


Yes of course you can do a late entry but it costs you more and makes it harder for the organisers to cater correctly

Kirby, our Vegas Treasurer, who writes way better than I do, has hit the keys […]

2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 4

Battle flags are ready to decorate

The 2016 Monjon Security Nationals at Sandringham are almost upon us. Infact the entries close this coming Friday (assuming you don’t want to waste any more money on a late fee) so now is the time to get your entry in – there is no prize for […]

2016 Monjon Security Nationals, Newsletter No 3

Preparations for the 2016 Nationals in Melbourne are proceeding well and there is a feeling from talking to people around the country that we may get a record number of entries. There are still a couple of hulls for charter in Melbourne if you can’t get your own boat here.

Of course the long […]