2016 MONJON J24 Victorian State Titles – The Balmy Regatta


‘Stompin’ John Neville rounds ahead of the Black Prince

True to recent form, the real regatta results centred around who would come second, sad really, but the Black Prince is supreme, almost untouchable. I say ‘almost’ because he is, ‘Mr J24’ Hugo Ottaway creamed one off him and ‘Stompin’ John Neville almost did.


Dave Suda re-crowned

With a final score of 5, all bullets, it is no surprise that the Black Prince of Sandringham is once again crowned Victorian Champion.

Day 2 got off to a slow start with the fleet drifting around playing ‘boat ball’ whilst waiting for the wind to settle. Finally two races were held in perfect light […]

Half way in the Vic States

Not surprisingly the Black Prince of Sandringham is once again stamping his mark on the ‘balmy regatta’.

What is surprising is John Neville sailing Vice Versa showing a turn of speed that nearly took a race off the Prince, only losing the lead just before the finish in race 4. John is currently in 5th […]

Non-Stop AUS 4435 for sale, Bashford Boat built in 1989

The boat was built in 1989, by Bashford Boats. It was stored on a hardstand from new until 2008, and since 2008 it has been sleeping in Sydney harbour on a swing mooring. It has not been raced since 2008 and has only had two owners since being built. It has had a number […]