Near New Quantum Sails

For Sale

Near new Quantum Main purchased for the NSW Championships in 2016. hoisted once and since that event in storage. Current new retail price $2015.00 USD ($2565 AUD).  Cash price $1700

Near new Quantum Jib purchased for the NSW Championships in 2016. hoisted once and since that event in storage. Current new retail price $1555.00 USD ($1980 AUD).  Cash price $1300

Both these sails are available now, nothing wrong with them, nothing to do, all measured and regatta ready. Free delivery included in the Sydney metropolitan area, they’re in near new condition, and constitute a real value purchase. These prices are fixed.

Photos to come however they look just like a new J24 Jib and Main.

Please contact me on 0414 274 412 or

Mast for sale

Do you have an old mast that you want to replace. Corrosion, wear and tear takes it’s toll, so here is the best opportunity you will have right now.

This anodised J24 mast for is for sale, it is in excellent condition. Perfect for current circuit racing Js or club racer, comes with mast fittings and deck partners. Available immediately in Melbourne. $2700. Standing rigging (Dyform lowers) and halyards as seen in the pics available extra $600.

Make your boat go faster, or replacement to improve the look and feel of your boat, this mast is ideal as a low cost mast replacement if you have an older style or worn out  mast and want to upgrade without the cost of a new mast.

Take advantage of this great mast to upgrade your boat. For a fast buyer in NSW take advantage of boats trailing back from the Vic States this weekend for free transport to Sydney.

Call Simon on 0413 870 046

For Sale – Mast & Boom

Older style mast for sale. Currently racing at Sandy. Recently replaced sheaves and cleaned back areas of metal joints and repainted white.
Generally tidy for its age. Missing one spinnaker D-ring, otherwise complete and ready for action. Selling due to upgrade.
Boom also still in service.

$600 ono

Contact Leigh
0438 561 566

Non-Stop AUS 4435 for sale, Bashford Boat built in 1989

  • The boat was built in 1989, by Bashford Boats.
  • It was stored on a hardstand from new until 2008, and since 2008 it has been sleeping in Sydney harbour on a swing mooring.
  • It has not been raced since 2008 and has only had two owners since being built.
  • It has had a number of repairs performed and navigation lights fitted, along with a mast respray in 2008.
  • It has been slipped and painted with 3 coats of hard race blue antifoul in Dec 2015.
  • It has 3 spinnakers in good condition, 1 relatively new mainsail, 2 genoas, and 2 jibs (of used quality).

j1 j3 j2

  • The reliable 3.5hp outboard has been serviced more than regularly with nearly all parts replaced.
  • There is no encumbrance on the vessel which is registered currently with NSW Maritime.
  • There is an original survey report commission for the 2008 purchase which can be supplied if requested.
  • A further survey report was performed sometime in 2013 for the purpose of insurance which was satisfactory.
  • The vessel has not been involved in any collision during the time of my ownership.
  • There are 2 dinghies inclusive of the price.
  • All in all it is a neat and tidy package – a maintained vessel that is to be reluctantly sold – $12000 neg
  •  Call Dominic: 0415 686 118


Need an edge?

Kirby is at it again !!!      Is your boat not going as fast as it should? Are you tired of seeing the inside of everyone else’s spinnakers as you follow them down the course? Do you need more time between races to eat and drink while everyone else is still finishing?

Then you should consider a new mast!!! A new mast from the Victorian J Association is guaranteed to generate an extra 3 knots of boat speed and offer an expert opinion on when best to tack for maximum advantage*. We have two for sale, at the bargain price of $4,200 each, and they will be available the week before the Monjon Victorian State Titles^!

It’s a limited edition anodized Sparloft – last of its kind? Comes with an SS mast gooseneck bracket and 5/16 vertical pin, 2 pole Dee’s, a stainless steel Vang fitting and a high load exit box, otherwise known as a topping lift entry box. Wow, if that doesn’t just sell itself!!

If you are interested then please talk to one of the Victorian association committee.

* Outright lie

^ This bit is actually true 🙂

From SG. Now for the really useful extra bit of info. Getting a new mast is a go fast, just ask the Black Prince about the worlds in Sardinia, new sails and masts were the rule.

So getting a new mast is great but here’s the big plus – you’re looking at the cost and thinking, can you afford it?   I can’t guarantee a sale of your old one immediately, but it will sell to someone who has a really old mast and wants to upgrade half way – that will get you around $2k – 2.5k (depending on condition) back in your pocket. So think outside the box.

For sale- Twisted AUS 31

 Twisted is for sale-just $5000

imageimageTwisted is currently on the hard stand at Port Adelaide Sailing Club and has a well maintained 3hp outboard.


Call Ron on 0438 877851

Second hand sails wanted

A couple of owners have been asking my about buying used sails:- main, jib and genoas, so if anyone has any sails for sale, please email me the details and I can pass the information on, and hopefully help you make a sale!

Kaizen 2 For Sale – AUS 4763

    • Kaizen 2 is a Class compliant J24 in competitive racing condition with a current
      measurement certificate.
    • J 24 registration AUS 4763. Build date – 1990
    • Dry sailed boat on a registered road trailer. Location – Cairns FNQ
    • Sails: Mains X 3 (1 racing), Genoas X 3 (1 North, 2 MacDiarmid), Jib X 1
      (MacDiarmid), Spinnakers X 3
    • Race record (current owner):
      • 2011 – FNQ J24 Championship – 1st
      • 2012 – FNQ J24 Championship – 1st
      • 2013 – FNQ J24 Championship – 1st
      • 2014 – FNQ J24 C’ship discontinued
        •  – PDYC Clipper Cup Div 4 – 2nd
      • 2015 – PDYC Clipper Cup Div 4 – 1st
        • – PDYC J24 One design – 1st
    • Hardstand covers
    • Tohatsu 3.5 Outboard
    • Spares including rudder and tiller
    • Bunk cushions X 6


  • $18,000
  • Contact: Bruce Clarke – H: 074095 8284    M: 0428 40 51 40

Winch Fixes

Recently Brendan Lee discovered the joys of servicing winches, a good thing to do and I recommend it’s something all owners should do twice a year, doesn’t take a lot of time if you do it regulary. But woe betide anyone that forgets to do this at all. Winches are full of moving parts, hopefully some winch grease and some small but very important springs and palls (those are the things that make the clicking noise when you spin them)

If your winches aren’t making this important sound, or seem to have no noise at all, too much play in the drum or worse still don’t go round very well at all, then you have a problem you need to get on to – immediately.

If you don’t then you’ll have a problem like Brendan just found, some bits not going round at all, one bit stuck inside another so hard that force, freezing and heat wouldn’t budge it. Result – frustration and the need to go and buy a new one at $600+ each.

Lucky for Brendan, he has found another answer and he has had the winch fixed for just $35. Not saying that this is all you have to pay if you have a problem, but the answer for owners of Barlow Barient winches and others is a company in Sydney that we are very happy to promote, THE AUSTRALIAN YACHT WINCH CO, also known as HUTTON WINCHES I believe.  Chances are this company will be able to service/fix your winch for a fraction of the cost of buying new winches.

I have bought winch bearings from them previously and they have a very quick and reliable buy and mail out service.

Their full details are:

4 Narang Place
St Marys N.S.W. 2760 Australia
Phone: +61 2 9623 2448
Fax: +61 2 9623 2265

Need a VHF Handheld radio for your J ?

Arthur Crothers spotted this very good deal out of Bias Boating. You can buy them online for $99 plus freight – here’s the link

This is one of their specials so I am not sure how long this will last  – be quick if you need one