SA State Titles

Last years SA States was a light wind glamour

Last years SA States was a light wind glamour

The 2014 South Australian States are going to be held at the CYCSA, 29 & 30 March 2014.  There will be five races over the two days.  Skippers and crews will enjoy a special Saturday evening gourmet barbecue accompanied by an extra-special selection of SA wines.  Excellent facilities, great SA Title Tee shirt and a great time etc etc.  Of course there is also the great sailing the waters off Adelaide give at this time of the year.

Jim Townsend is the new SA President and he is determined to bring the SA fleet back into National contention so this regatta is a bit of a dry run for next years nationals. Jim is determined to make some big changes including bringing the fleet back together and get all those boats sitting on the hard stand out on the water. Can’t tell you all the behind the scenes ‘goings on’ but there will be charter boats available for the States, so if you can’t trail there get a plane and sail one of the SA boats, Jims intention is that you will have the best time on and off the water. It’s close to the Vic States time wise so if you are doing the trip from NSW then why not make it a round trip doing the two regattas for a bit of extra training. There’s no limit on how much SA wine you can bring into Vic !

Let’s go and support the SA fleet and have a great time !

2 comments to SA State Titles

  • terry wise

    Hi Jim,

    well done, lets get the boats sailing, we say – work less sail more

    what charter boast are available and what cost
    terry 0413 876184

  • Janette Syme

    Big thanks to Robyn and Jim Townsend for making it such an enjoyable weekend.
    Congrats to Doug and his team for a fine effort and win!

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