Crew Wanted

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Owner: Angus Middleton

I recently purchased a J24 (Amazing Grace) and am looking for reliable competent crew for club racing, states and nationals and Australasian.
All in Adelaide current season 2011/2012. Boat is well set up. I will skipper all but the Nationals where a former National Champion is interested in helming, and a possible international helm for the Australasian. Looking to commence IMMEDIATELY with Race 4 of the Winter series, this Sunday 2nd July 2011.
Probable helming opportunity for a crew member as the most unreliable of our team will be me due to overseas travel sporadically for work commitments.

I need crew for the following:
Racing Sundays (Winter Series – Fortnightly), Racing Saturdays (Summer Inshore – Weekly), Two-Handed Racing, Wednesday Twilights (Summer – Daylight Savings Only)

Please contact me on:
Mobile: (04) 1980 0680