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Nationals Accommodation


If you haven’t organised to stay with someone or have any other accom organised, here is an offer worth checking out for 5-10 January, 2013

Go to the 2013 Nationals page under the regatta heading above.

The Lipton Cup Regatta

The Lipton Cup Regatta is a two day event that caters to the serious racing fraternity by offering a combination of short course racing and long distance racing as well as an enjoyable weekends sailing for the cruising boats with long distance races on both days.

The weekend is concluded with entertainment and prize giving on the Club lawn.

Schedule of Races and Course Locations

The Regatta combines windward/leeward and passage course racing on Saturday November 17th followed by a longer distance race on Sunday November 18th.

Short Races – Saturday 17th November Warning Signal 1025hrs

For Divisions A, B, C, D Trailable Yachts and Sportsboats, three short course races will be conducted on Saturday, each with a target duration of 75 minutes and a minimal interval between races:-

  • Division D Yachts (Js) will race around laid marks in Hobsons Bay.

Long Race – Sunday 18th November – Warning Signal 0955hrs

  • For all divisions the longer distance race will start and finish south of St Kilda in the vicinity of R3 with separate starts for each division. The course will be around fixed marks with a range of course options to provide target race duration of between 4 and 4 ½ hours for all divisions.

The Sunday race is designed to facilitate a presentation at 1600hrs on the lawn of RYCV.

For the Js at Sandy, the Saturday racing will be scored as part of our summer Aggregate, so participation here will be a good idea, the racing on Saturday will be conducted by SYC and held somewhere off Brighton most likely. After that the aim for boats sailing in the Sunday race (and I encourage you all to do this as it is a different but interesting race) will be to sail from the finish line over to Royals where they will give is secure berthing and show us a good time with food and drink. If there are enough people they will also put on a bus to take us back to Sandy – so you can have a drink. Next morning drive back to Royals and after the race which finishes near Royals return there for the prize giving, drop off a driver, pick up a traveller and sail the boat home.

So have a think about this – it would be good to make a god show this year to Royals (they could well be a new home for Js when we finally overflow and they are keen to start a J fleet, something we should encourage as an association) I need to know some indicative numbers to pass to Royals in due course.

Download the Lipton Cup brochure Lipton DL-outside Lipton DL-inside

Vic States Pics from Chris Furey

I have uploaded a stack of pics from the Vic States  –  There are some awesome shots of most boats.

We have to thank our old J24 mate Chris Furey for taking all of these and making them available. Chris was instrumental in getting the class started way, way back in the past here in Victoria and was a keen J 24 sailor for many years – I haven’t given up hope of getting him back in the class – I think he is starting to hesitate on his  …….  No

Have a look and see if you can see yourself doing it right !  Go to the 2012 Vic States page under the Vic tab above – or click here

J24 Coaching at SYC

As part of a coaching weekend just before the Vic States, Michah Shuwalow, from the SYC boating academy ran a session with the J fleet.

As well as taking photos, Michah provided a GoPro camera that was attached to three different boats over the mornings races. It was fascinating to see the differences in the way we all sail the boats.

Here’s a video that Michah put together showing Pacemaker in the first race.


Hyperactive Win SYC J24 Summer Series 2011-2012

The Hyperactive crew at work

Author: Doug MacGregor

Owners of Hyperactive, Sarah Thompson and Robyn Coombs, with their crew of Kirsty Harris, who is on the helm, Rob Richardson and Joelle Roderick took out the J24 Summer Sprint Series at Sandringham YC on Sunday 16th April. And…they’d a quiet celebratory drink on the deck at the club…they went on to the training lecture and video review of the day’s racing (still quiet)…they went on to weigh their boat (YET AGAIN!), still quiet…and then they went home, you got it, still quiet….and I say quiet because no one but them, save one other (Brendon Lee, who came second), knew that they’d won!! In all fairness the last races were awash with maverick competitors and non entrants, crews out to train (sort of) and crews pulling out. All that was missing was the Black Pearl with Jack Sparrow at the wheel. So, forgive us Hyper..if we’d realized, we’d so have partied!!

Let me now make amends for my oversight for I should really, as vice president, been more on top of this, offer my congratulations to the crew of Hyperactive who have won one of the most coveted titles in Victorian racing, for consistency is exactly what all of us are trying to achieve. It wins races. And you don’t win a series without it. Add to that the many trials and tribulations that Hyper’ have gone through this season with technicalities on their boat and it makes their win even more special. They’ve been stoic, to say the least, and let’s face it really, really fast !!

Also…a huge round of applause for Brendon Lee, and his crew, on By The Lee who came in a very close and hard fought second place. As you may know Brendon is new to the class and has most certainly impressed all of who have been sailing Js a bit longer with how quickly he as learned to sail our funny wee boat.

Again…well done Hyperactive!! I think everyone owes you a beer.

New Inventory Form now online

We now have a new style Excel spreadsheet you can use to work out and print out your Required and Optional Inventory form.

Note that you must carry a filled out copy of this form or the original hand filled version on your boat whilst racing.

This form is good as it automatically calculates your weights for you, then you can simply print it out.

To find the form go to About J24 in the drop down menu above and select “Measurement & Equipment Inventory Certificates”

Stuart Jardine Visits

Stuart Jardine

Victoria was graced by the opportunity to meet Stuart Jardine and his wife Mary Ann who made the time to catch up with our National measurer Pete Stevens, Victorian measurer Mark Haughton, Assistant measurer Doug McGregor and several members of the J24 fleet at Sandringham.

Stuart is based in the U.K. and is a member of the International J 24 technical committee along with Pete Stevens. His experiences in Europe, as well and the America’s over the past 30 years has given him a wealth of knowledge regarding the boats and he spoke of his vision regarding future and the where the class is going in the next 10 years and beyond. During his brief meeting, he was able to instruct our new measurers in the latest methods of measuring a J.

Stuart, was impressed by the national data base which has been correlated by the states and processed by Pete Stevens. With changes in the boats and new technology the class will be able to keep abreast of the best ways to make our measurement process fair and quick.

A strong measurement process is one of the fundamental stones that make the J24 Class such a great boat to race.

It’s not easy being a measurer, as I know having been involved at the highest level since 1988 and we should support the system that maintains our status as a prestige Class. To win a J24 National Title is one of the highest achievements in sailing, both here and abroad.

Lets help in maintaining our investment and encourage and support our measurers who currently are working towards a updated list of measured boats.

Yours, Hugo. N. Ottaway, past Victorian measurer.

Simon’s Note:   Stuart was doing the Geelong Regatta prior to taking a holiday in New Zealand where Mary Ann has family. Happily, Pete Stevens organised him to stay with us and he told us many stories of his time in J24’s, he is truely an amazing man. He also informed us that he is apparently the oldest man to sail a foiling moth achieved when he was 78 years old !

For more information on Stuart, see this article on the international site  http://www.j24class.org/uncategorized/international-j24-class-honors-stuart-jardine/