The second Bob Ross article from 1982

This is the second of the two articles I found in old Australian Sailing magazines written by Bob Ross. This one from April 82.

“In winning the J24 worlds, Mark Bethwaite and his Soling crew Ian MacDiarmid and Glen Read brought a fresh approach to tuning and equipment detailing that cut across much of the conventional wisdom in the class.   ………. (look under boat talk or Click here for more)

J24 Singapore at Worlds

Dear Friends,

I thought it would be nice to share the experience I had recently…..

Our team has just come back from Malmo Sweden after participating in the J24 World Championships. The J24 class is the world’s largest keel-boat sailing class and each boat has a crew of five people. On our boat are: Borstnar Valdimir (helm), Ng Daojia (trimmer), Borstnar Rafaela (center), Ronnie Tay (mast), and Omar Agoes (bow). This year’s world championships had a total of 55 boats with teams from 14 different countries. Asia Pacific was represented by three countries; Japan with four entries, Australia with two, and ourselves as the sole Singapore entry.

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Hugo's 2010 Worlds Report

Hugo is back and talking about the Worlds – very interesting! And there is stuff I know he can’t put in here that he has told me. No doubt more will come out as the crews come back. Read Hugo’s very informative report on the 2010 Worlds in Sweden. Click here to read and keep checking back on this page as we will be putting more stories online as we get them.

Come and try a J24

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Interested in sailing on a J24?

If you are in Adelaide the SA Association & the Port Adelaide Sailing Club fleet invite you to come & try a J24!

Come & try a J24!

J24 Supporters and Advertisers

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Sail Renumbering night for NSW boats

Since last November, it is now a requirement that J24s in Australia comply with IJCA rulings regarding requiring IJCA Measurement certificates and international sail numbering as per your hull number.

In order for NSW J24 yachts to comply, the NSW J24 Association is holding a renumbering night in the Sand Bar at Middle Harbour Yacht Club on Friday 24 September 2010 commencing at 5.30pm. The NSW association will supply new numbers for each J24 owner for a set of sails. A free BBQ will also be provided on the night. 

Bookings essential via  Sail Renumbering Booking Form

"Bob Ross wrote in Feb 79"

I was cleaning out a bookcase the other day and came across two articles by Bob Ross from 1979 and 82 in copies of Australian Sailing. It is interesting to read how some things stay the same and others have changed considerably. This was all before my time in Js so rather than try to dissect it for you, I think it is better for you to read and take away some of the valuable information contained in these articles.

So here, on the eve of the inaugural Legends regatta with many from that era including Rob Mundle, who will MC the upcoming Legends Dinner evening in Gosford this October and features in this story, is the first one. Enjoy.

To read, click on the Boat Talk link above or click here

Check your rudder gudgeons

A typical J24 gudgeon break - check yours

Spring isn’t that far away and the summer season will be hot on it’s heels. If you haven’t had a close look at your boat during winter, then now is the time to check it over. In particular your rudder gudgeons, these little fittings out the back end are often overlooked, being outside the normal sphere of vision. They should be checked for cracking, especially the bottom one around the forward hole as a broken gudgeon could really ruin your day. I believe that Ronstan don’t make or carry these fittings any more and if you need new ones then suitable fittings are available from Schaefer in the USA through Sparloft in NZ. John from Sparloft tells me that these fittings also need  some strengthening, he also offers a custom made unit that will fit the existing Ronstan fitting hole positioning. Cost for either unit (Schaefer without any extra strengthening) is approx $200NZ for one fitting or $380NZ for a pair – plus postage.

So now is the time to check as you won’t get these overnight. Happy sailing.

2010 World Championships in Sweden

The 2010 World Championships in Malmo, Sweden are about to start. Australian has two crews representing us, both from Sandringham YC in Melbourne. They are Hugo Ottaway (Vice Versa) and Robyn Coombs (Hyperactive – skippered by Kirsty Harris).

You can follow their progress and the whole regatta by using this link