Comment on the World Champs in Riva from Paola Zanoni of the Italian J24 Association

Final score for the J24 World Championship? A magificent success!
A little ‘blue on the podium with Andrea Casale and Giuliano Cattarozzi. And so many reasons to be satisfied.

Riva del Garda. For the record-breaking J24 World Championship held successfully in the waters of Riva del Garda by as many as 89 crews representing Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, France, GranBretagna, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Holland, Sweden and the United States is time for budgets.
From the regattas to the technical and organizational staff of the Fraglia Vela Riva, from the representatives of the International and Italian J24 Class to the members of the Jury and FIV Regatta Committee, from the numerous escorts to tourists who have witnessed spectacular regattas (and especially departures) the high number of crews and the different weather conditions found), the opinion is unanimous: this 40th edition was a real success and will be remembered with great emotion by everyone.
“We are really very satisfied with how the J24 World Championship took place and the reasons for it are certainly many. – commented the President of the Italian Class Pietro Diamanti also on behalf of the Board – Having lined up at the start, after forty years of activity, almost ninety boats is the most beautiful testimony of how the J24 Class is ever more alive and vital and that characterized by the simple and genuine passion of the crews who do not necessarily seek the latest technological innovations but live sailing in the essence of pure seafaring. I also want to think that our rigor in enforcing the measurement regulations is contributing to the success of our class and in this regard I would like to thank all those who worked in the space set up inside the Palavela built by the engineer Marini with the consultancy of the measurers Emanuela Donati and Paolo Luciani: the path that allowed thorough checks in spite of the high number of boats and weather conditions that are not always favorable. Satisfaction also to be able to conclude ten tests characterized by different weather conditions that have enhanced even more the level of the crews in the race and allowed to respect the values ​​in the field. By all accounts, the organization on the ground and in the water was unexceptionable, everything worked in the best way and for this I would like to thank the staff of Fraglia Vela Riva and its president Giancarlo Mirandola who has been able to welcome each of us in the best of the ways. All the crews, even those who have closed in the last positions of the classification, have left Riva enthusiastic for taking part in an unforgettable championship.
I can also be satisfied with the ranking … Kaster’s victory for the US Champion of the world in 2014, Will Welles, was definitely deserved and then, this J24, represented well this World: in addition to two other Americans already champions of the world in Newport 2014, to the tactics of Kaster was the Ligurian Andrea Casale (world champion in Cannigione in 2008 on Fiamma Gialla) and to the tree the Trentino Giuliano Cattarozzi. Wells, moreover, declared that this World Championship was a success for the whole J24 class and that he was not surprised at the numerous participation because anyone who once in his life has to race in Riva del Garda. I’m also happy with the excellent second place of the Japanese Siesta, very regular throughout the championship and third of the other Americans, led by Keith Whittemore with his Furio, many times in the race in our National Circuit. Germany won the women’s ranking with Derbe Kerle helmed by Lynn Wolgast, while the Italians of Ottobrerosso with the helmsman Pietro Parisi, Matteo Bertolotti, Martina Peschetta, Gianluca Burlon, Gian Marco Venturi and Luca Cattarozzi won the special prize reserved for Under 25, leaving hope for the future of the Italian class. Maybe some Italian crew deserved or hoped for better positions … well, we could say that we were perfect hosts but, in reality, the lead positions were all deserved, as well as the 25th world title went to the Americans.
And finally, the Italian Class was very happy also for having been joined by a brand like Alce Nero that for over forty years is so attentive to nature and to real biological quality. Therefore, thank you to our technical sponsor Alce Nero, the brand of farmers, beekeepers and organic processors committed since the ’70s in producing good food, fruit of an agriculture that respects the earth and its fertility: the RazioneKBio (gallette, nectars, cereal and honey bars, shortbread and much more) and the fruit distributed daily by each crew was very appreciated and appreciated by everyone. It is my hope that the success of the participation we have registered at Riva will be repeated in the next editions: many sailors from many countries are a beautiful sign of how a sporting passion can bring together people and cultures of different nations. And now it’s time to think about the new stages of our 2018 National Circuit … “