2018 J24 NSW Championships




1. AUS-4795, Waterborne Again, B Lee

2. AUS-4475, Stamped Urgent, D Mckay

3. AUS-4436, Vertigo, C Hood

4. AUS-5058, Wildfire, R Thomson

5. AUS-1646, Slippery, M Reynolds

6. AUS-4793, Innamincka, J Crawford

7. AUS-4796, Vortex, C Lee

8. AUS-5386, Tinto, S Wright

9. AUS-1642, Jargon, J Macquart

10. AUS-5052, Stockcar, J Syme

11. AUS-4801, Ace, D West

12. AUS-4770, Kaotic, S Kirkjian


Entry Form

J24 NSW State Championships 2018 NOR Rev 0

J24 NSW State Championships 2018 NOR Amend 1

J24 NSW State Championships 2018 SIs Rev 0


Cronulla Sailing Club results


26 Oct 2018

2018 NSW J24 States – Update 3

One week to go!

Currently 12 entries, the Etchell Worlds have taken some usual supporters however the field is looking good with Club, State, Australian and World Champions rounding out the field.

The organisers do ask all entries trailering and sailing in to email j24ssf@gmail.com when they are expected to arrive at the club. Friday nights can get a little hectic at Cronulla Sailing Club so your patience is asked for.

A big thanks to all the teams committing to the Championships thus far.

22 Oct 2018

2018 NSW J24 States – Update 2.1

So what a difference a weekend makes….

Currently standing at 11 entries and still awaiting some noticeable contenders from the harbour, including the bastion of J24 Racing in NSW, the stables of Terry Wise and Pacific Sailing School…..

So, Cat-7 Plus requirements at Cronulla. What this mean is we need to ensure all boats carry the Cat-7 Plus safety equipment, to race on the waters of Bate Bay. This requirement is based around the fact that if you were to keep running on your spinnaker in a westerly, you’d reach the land of the long white cloud (Bring a sandwich)…..

For visiting boats, during your registration process can you present your current Cat-7 form, then a member of the CSC Safety Team will confirm you have the extra items as listed on the NOR.

Second reminder, to all Southern Sydney Fleet members is that membership can be paid at registration or prior via our online services.

Thirdly, and this will be reinforced at the race briefing, the best spot for a pick up by ambulance should that be necessary while racing, is the Royal Motor Yacht Club – Port Hacking on (02) 9523 9300

Last point, after this Friday all entries received will receive a late entry fee. I encourage you to have those ducks in a row and enter this week.


19 Oct 2018

2 Fridays to go…….

Big reminder entries close with effect 1700 on Friday 26 October 2018, entries received after that time will be subject to a late entry fee.

Below lists out current entries, I’m certain this will expand greatly in the next week.

AUS-4795, Waterborne Again, B Lee
AUS-4475, Stamped Urgent, D Mckay
AUS-4436, Vertigo, C Hood
AUS-5058, Wildfire, R Thomson

Please also remember, unmeasured sails must be presented for measurement to the J24SSF Measurer prior to 1600, Thursday 1 October 2018.

I hope you all have a great weekend and are utilising the entry link here to get your boat on the list above.


12 Oct 2018

As of today, 3 Fridays untill we will be at the Cronulla Sailing Club, jockeying for position with the Friday punters and Twilight racers.

The entry site is open and ready to get you sorted for the Championships.

If you are needing accomodation over the weekend, even those making the journey from…. over the bridge, that big one not the Captian Cook Bridge please let us know.

Ive got good intel that the rain will be finished. The 28 day forcast tells me nil-low chance of rain!!!! So come and enjoy the sun at Cronulla.

Gather your mates and lets work on making this the most competitive J24 fleet since the Worlds. (Not asking much…..)

12 Sep 2018

Announcing Infinity Rigging and MySail as supporters for the up coming 2018 – J24 NSW Titles hosted at Cronulla Sailing Club.

Welcome aboard!


20 Aug 2018

The 2018 NSW J24 Championships Entry is now Active.

Get those entries in and keep up with all the updates here

Get your J to Cronulla!!!!


30 Jul 2018


The NSW J24 Championships are on again at the Cronulla Sailing Club, 03-04 Nov 2018. Come and join the fleet and race on the most challenging waters J24 sailing in Australia can offer you!!

Get your J24 to Cronulla!!!