Z Sails UV Accessories

Hugo Ottaway – Mr J24 – to most, has a great sideline that may interest you if you care about looking after your boat. Hugo has come up with a great selection of UV protection accessories for your J24.

As we all know, UV is an absolute killer of all things rope, wood and fibreglass on your boat. Covering up your haliyards and mainsheet from the harmful effects of UV will double the lifetime of your rope. So we can say that 3 new halyards will cost you around $300 – 400 plus, buying a UV cover for them will cost you half that and you’ll double the life of your rope.

So covering up what you can’t put below is a smart idea.

Another smart hint is – take your mainsheet off and put it below with your genoa sheets, most don’t do this and it only takes 30 sec to do.

Protect your boat with either a mast cover $150.00 or deck cover $75.00 or both inc GST.

Freight to Adelaide, Sydney and most major centres is $15 for these items so buying online is easy and of course one size fits every J.
Call Hugo at Z Sails on (03) 9555 7775.