Need an edge?

Kirby is at it again !!!      Is your boat not going as fast as it should? Are you tired of seeing the inside of everyone else’s spinnakers as you follow them down the course? Do you need more time between races to eat and drink while everyone else is still finishing?

Then you should consider a new mast!!! A new mast from the Victorian J Association is guaranteed to generate an extra 3 knots of boat speed and offer an expert opinion on when best to tack for maximum advantage*. We have two for sale, at the bargain price of $4,200 each, and they will be available the week before the Monjon Victorian State Titles^!

It’s a limited edition anodized Sparloft – last of its kind? Comes with an SS mast gooseneck bracket and 5/16 vertical pin, 2 pole Dee’s, a stainless steel Vang fitting and a high load exit box, otherwise known as a topping lift entry box. Wow, if that doesn’t just sell itself!!

If you are interested then please talk to one of the Victorian association committee.

* Outright lie

^ This bit is actually true 🙂

From SG. Now for the really useful extra bit of info. Getting a new mast is a go fast, just ask the Black Prince about the worlds in Sardinia, new sails and masts were the rule.

So getting a new mast is great but here’s the big plus – you’re looking at the cost and thinking, can you afford it?   I can’t guarantee a sale of your old one immediately, but it will sell to someone who has a really old mast and wants to upgrade half way – that will get you around $2k – 2.5k (depending on condition) back in your pocket. So think outside the box.